My name is Alex Stanley

This is the world through my eyes.

     A single photo could portray something simple at first glance and yet after closer inspection, the true story would unfold. By true story, I mean the one your mind creates. The one that could feel factual through logical inspection or that could be very personal with your own emotions guiding the way or that could be just completely unbridled, with none having less value than the last. One photo could have limitless stories, with a new one created each time it's seen.This is what makes it magical. The photo is basically the trigger for your imagination.

     Photos also can make you question what you see. "Is it real? It has to be...But what if it isn't? Or more so, what if it is?..." It's realistic clarity or familiar scenes can add to the belief that what you perceive is real life, captured. And with modern technology, the line between reality and imaginary blurs. You're able to create a photo of something or someplace you've seen and wish to show others, other times you're able create an image of what you'd like to see or what could possibly be. And who is to say one is better than the other? As with the idea of the story, it becomes very personal and creates multiple meanings and feelings for the viewers which allows for a greater expansion ideas.

     The last ability of a photo is it's power to hold onto a memory. This is my favorite thing about it. People tend to take a memory for granted until it's lost. I myself being one of them. When you forget something that holds importance to you, it's like you've misplaced a piece of yourself. And the worst part being that if you finally remember it, you feel mad at yourself for losing it in the first place or sad and worried about others you may have lost as well. A photograph can hold that memory for when you can't, and I never want to forget.