My name is Alex Stanley

My name is Alex Stanley and this is my dream.

    As far back as I can remember, my life has been filled with art. As a child, I had the privilege to grow up in a family with a deep love for music and cinema which initially triggered my young imagination. Then through out my teenage years, I surrounded myself with close friends that were quite proficient in visual arts such as pen work, sculpting, and painting. All of these artistic encounters fueled my continuous creativity and helped me establish my own personal view of the world.

     And yet I had no way to express my own artistic ambitions. I could barely draw a straight line let alone sketch any shapes or figures. When I would attempt to paint, the end result would be nothing more than blotchy mix of colors with no resemblance of what was intended. And even with my strong love of music, I couldn't play but the simplest string of chords, no matter the amount of practice. It eventually became so frustrating to be filled with these ever expanding thoughts and yet have no way to express them to the world, that I actually grew jealous and a bit cynical of the ones that could with ease. Until my friend let me use his camera. 

     This was the catalyst that changed my world forever. I live now with eyes wide open, filled with youthful curiosity and wonder. My mind now has the tool to portray the ideas and images that reflect my soul itself. And with each passing day, like clouds vanishing on the horizon, the world gives us gifts of life. But now I have the power to capture them and hold onto them forever.