Momentary Lapse

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Momentary Lapse


"No matter how bad things get, in time it will all pass over." 

     This one was taken during the Colorado floods last year. I had a lot of friends and family effected by the storms.

     During a cloud break through the seemingly endless downpour, my close friend Sebastian Hernandez (Lucid FRAME) and I ran out to Cherry Creek Reservoir to see if we could capture any shots. The photo I was able to get seemed to portray the strife that my kin were going through.

     The single standing tree, alone in the field was enduring the storm as best as it could. Hour after hour, day after day, it stood there facing what it could not control, only hoping for an end to the pain. Just when it seemed like the darkness would never cease, a light opened up at the edge of the horizon. It was still far off away, but it was visible. A moment of relief lining the edges of discourse.

Location: Cherry Creek Reservoir. Aurora, Colorado.

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